Fitted Wardrobes Bishop Stortford

Fitted Wardrobes Bishop Stortford – Simply Fitted Wardrobes

Welcome to our latest blog post. This installation titled Fitted Wardrobes Bishop Stortford is a nice and simple installation compromising of two 1000 millimetre wide carcasses utilising double hanging in both and Cardin games for storage above should this customer need it.


The design breif for this customer for Fitted Wardrobes Bishop Stortford was simple – A guest room allowing for plenty of hanging space and bringing the whole decor of the room together.

The customer booked a design visit after discover our Facebook page. We arranged an appointment and discussed with the customer exactly what they wanted, required and desired during the visit.

The customer decided on our Light grey exterior colour with grain effect which is very on trend and really adds something to the overall finish. Inside was to be simple white interiors with two hanging rails and a single shelf in each. No ceiling fillers were required as the customer was planning on storing suitcases on top. It was decided that to finish the Fitted Wardrobes Bishop Stortford at the top a neat square edged cornice would suit the job and the look of the room perfectly.

The customer had a bed on order and requested a 5 foot space bed left to accommodate for the new bed. The installation went smoothly and was completed in the one day.


On the opposite side of the room was a corner that would really be Ann unused space, so with it being a guest room the customer wanted a shelf or desk to place a mirror on and allow guests to use as a small vanity table. This was installed using the same light grey colour and to finish it all of a neat frontal strip was added.


Once the installation was completed all that was left to do was a good clean and polish so the customer could finish off the decorating and get the carpet fitted.


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Sliding Wardrobes Essex

Sliding Wardrobes Essex – Simply Fitted Wardrobes

Our latest installation sliding Wardrobes Essex.


This customer contacted Simply Fitted Wardrobes after finding our website through google. We arranged a design appointment convention for the family.


This customer had recently had a loft conversion completed and were looking for storage options to suit the angle of the ceiling. They had looked in the shops and at off the shelf wardrobes but nothing would fit. This is where a bespoke fitted wardrobe comes in to its own.

The customer wanted plenty of storage space with as much hanging as possible. A plan was drawn up and a colour scheme decided upon. The customer for these sliding Wardrobes Essex was to have the room decorated before the installation and just the carpet was to be fitted after which would be fitted on the interior of the wardrobes as well as the rest of room.


The exterior was was finished in white textured board. This was also chosen as the interior colour. The doors were to be matched using white and a mirror central section. The track and sliding wardrobe door stiles were chosen in a satin finish.


The doors were were custom made as the customer didn’t want to loose to much space in the room so the overall door height was 2000 millimeters. Once the interiors were fitted and the slidin doors framework was up the tracks were then installed. Once the tracks were on the doors were lifted in and adjusted for an effortless slide. With these doors ¬†running perfectly the next step was the door buffer to make sure there were no bangs audible when opening and closing. Then on went the door retainers ensuring the central doors came together exactly in the centre. With this completed it was time to clean the room and the customers new sliding Wardrobes Essex ready for them to use from the moment we left.


Please see see below the before and after shots.

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