Simply Fitted Wardrobes In Essex

A Beautiful Job – Simply Fitted Wardrobes In Essex

A Beautiful Job – Simply Fitted Wardrobes In Essex


Here is one of our latest installations. The customer had a simple request “as much hanging space as possible and somewhere to keep the laundry basket”.


With this in mind we set about designing and maximising the available space.

One of the first issues we had was that the entrance into the room was narrow and we could not fit a full depth unit it the available space. This would make the ideal space for the clients existing laundry basket whilst still allowing full access in to the bedroom.


The second issue we had was that with such a long run of fitted wardrobes the customer had concerns of just having a wall of white. To overcome this issue whilst achieving maximum storage we decide to use a mirrored linen press to break up the length. With the linen press allowing single hanging behind the doors and consisting of four soft close drawers below this gave the clients that all important shoe storage space.


The client decided to use a glass knob type handle which really works well with the traditional style of doors and brings the entire installation that contemporary feel.


With all the installation complete the customers were over the moon and could not wait to start filling the new found space.


Here are a few snaps of the finished latest from Simply Fitted Wardrobes In Essex.


IMG_1635        Simply Fitted Wardrobes In Essex





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